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These are the videos you need to watch to understand the far reaching consequences fracking has on our communities, our liveliehoods and our environment.

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Petroleum Companies Update for March 2016

  Otway basin • Analysis of Jolly-1 and Bungaloo-1 well data in PEL 495 and PRL 32 has confirmed: – a deep conventional gas play in Lower Sawpit Formation – Casterton Formation unconventional shale gas play Victorian acreage subject of application to suspend and extend due to moratorium on onshore gas production Proposed activities – […]


Delivery of our Petition in Canberra

A group from the Australian Conservation Federation has just delivered a petition of OVER 105,000 signatures to the 9 independent senators in Canberra this week. It was a powerful message that was very well received and had lots of media interest. We were greeted with open arms! This is a big deal in a government […]

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Petroleum Companies Update for Feb.

Information about petroleum companies with interest in the region. Click here to download the document or scroll down to read it all here. Petroleum Companies Update for Feb   Links to companies websites Cooper Energy  Beach Energy Otway Energy Lakes Oil N.L. Flinders Mines     Petroleum Companies Update for Feb. Meeting Cooper Energy Quarterly Report, […]

Annual General Meeting November 15th

Annual General Meeting Sunday November 15th at 4pm Mt Gambier Hotel – Penola Room Corner of Penola Road and Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier Evening meal available All welcome If you can, please come along. All over the world small grass roots organisations like ours are showing they can make a difference but we can’t […]

Coal and the Bulga video from The Weekly

The Weekly has uploaded the Bulga segment so you can watch and share. I had a great laugh : you either laugh or you cry!

Lucindale Gasfield Free Public meeting

Come to a community film evening to find out about unconventional gas and fracking. Wednesday 22nd July at 7.30pm at the Senior Citizens Clubrooms, Lucindale Learn more about the potential impacts to our farmlands, water and health. Watch the short Australian documentary ” Fractured Country” We will have guest speaker Huck Shepherd, Chairperson of the Limestone Coast Protection Alliance available […]


Health and Fracking Report

Background The United Kingdom (UK) is presently set to expand ‘hydraulic fracturing’ of shale formations (‘fracking’) as a means of extracting unconventional gas. Proponents of fracking have argued that it can be conducted safely and will bring benefits in the form of: a) energy that is cleaner in climate terms than coal and oil; b) […]

New Books of Interest May 2015

New Books; The Human and Environmental Costs of Fracking (Praeger Press, 2015) by Prof. Madelon Finkel Hardcover: 240 pages Publisher: Praeger (March 31, 2015) Language: English ISBN-10: 1440832595 ISBN-13: 978-1440832598   Professor Madelon Finkel says; This is an important book discussing many different aspects of an important topic. Each of the authors is an expert […]

Summary of countries that have taken action against fracking May 2015

List of countries/jurisdictions that have taken action against fracking 21st May 2015 Mark Jones Mount Gambier UK and Poland are the only European countries to have expressed whole-hearted political enthusiasm for fracking, with even Poland now having second thoughts after three exploration companies withdrew following poor results. In the US there is a growing list […]

Money politics trumps party loyalty as Ferguson enters the NSW anti-CSG fray

Money politics trumps party loyalty as Ferguson enters the NSW anti-CSG fray Independent Australia by Sandi Keane on 27 March 2015, Money politics trumps party loyalty as Martin Ferguson enters the NSW anti-CSG election fray. Deputy editor, Sandi Keane, sets out to expose the truth behind his barrage of spin. THE POWER of money over party […]

Latest Videos

Coal and the Bulga video from The Weekly

The Weekly has uploaded the Bulga segment so you can watch and share. I had a great laugh : you either laugh or you cry!

NT pastoralists show down with mining companies; Landline

Boiling Point on Landline on 16th March 2015 PIP COURTNEY, PRESENTER: Northern Territory pastoralists are the most unprotected in the country when it comes to their rights in facing up to mining and exploration companies. For years, they’ve been pushing for better protection and a bolstering of legislation. But nothing has happened and tensions are […]


Protect Our Foodbowl Rally Speakers

Listen to the speakers at the Protect our Foodbowl Rally last weekend.      


A Rational Fear: you’ll fracking love it (comedy video)

Need a bit of a laugh with all this worrying fracking talk going on? Watch this video for a lighthearted look at what is going on in our country


Overwhelming proof that fracking contaminates water

We’ve seen it before (like in Gasland Part II), scientific evidence proves that drilling and fracking contaminated ground water, but then the industry swoops in with their misinformation campaigns and pressure on regulatory agencies, and suddenly there’s a new set of “facts” to debate. Our video of the week shows that the Lispky family is […]


Fracking fears grow in the South East

The campaign to stop gas exploration in the state’s South East is building momentum with seven local councils backing a moratorium in a meeting at Naracoorte. Michelle Vella reports on Channel 7 news. Watch the news video here


What is Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking)?

This video explains what fracking is in easy to understand terms and discusses the positives and minuses Click here to watch the video “What is Hydraulic Fracturing?”


Protecting landholders’ rights in South Australia

Speech by Penny Wright | Environment & Biodiversity / Resources, Mining & CSG on 6th March 2014 “With unconventional mining spreading its tentacles across Australia, it has been extremely heartening to see civil society come into action, with strong and diverse alliances across sectors and the community to protect what we know we must protect […]


Flyover of the Surat Basin Qld Gas Fields

Click here to watch video of the Gas Fields in QLD Video footage taken during a helicopter fly-over of gas gathering systems in the Surat Basin (which is inland from Brisbane QLD).

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